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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Badass Man of Steel & Sexy Selina

Now I love my movies, and I especially enjoy superhero movies, so it’s been a great couple of days with  Warner Bros. releasing promotional shots from two of my most anticipated movies of the next couple of years, Superman: Man of Steel and The Dark Knight Rises.

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The first picture is of Henry Cavill as Superman from Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. I love Superman because I like the messianic aspects of the character, but I do find him somewhat lacking in the badass department. Kal-El of Krypton may be virtually indestructible but sadly he has always been something of a wimp; too much of a nice guy. So imagine my surprise when the studio releases a photo of our new Supes, not only looking ultra cool in his new threads, but looking like he wants to kick your ass. He’s going to kick your ass and he’s going to enjoy it!

Two things I really like about the new suit; I may be wrong as it’s hard to see in this picture, but it looks like they have finally got rid of the super pants, always hated them, so the lack of pants and the length of the cape are a big thumbs up for me.

A golden rule of wearing a cape is that the longer the cape the more badass you are.


The second picture is probably from one of the most anticipated movies of next year, The rather unimaginatively titled The Dark Knight Rises, Chris Nolan’s follow up to the sublime The Dark Knight.

Batman has always been my favourite Superhero, he’s dark, he’s violent, and he shares a psychological  make-up not too dissimilar to the villains he pursues. He also has no superpowers, forcing him to use his vast wealth, his deductive reasoning, and his force of will to defeat his opponents, I find all that fascinating.

However the photo that was released was of one of the movies main antagonists; Selina Kyle, otherwise known as Catwoman. Now Nolan’s take on Batman has always been to have a more ‘real world’ feel to the universe, so Anne Hathaway’s take on Catwoman was never going to match the sheer brilliance of Michelle Pfeiffer’s turn in Batman Returns. But honestly what we have here is the beautiful Miss Hathaway wearing a skin tight black leather catsuit, utility belt, thigh-high spike heeled boots, funky goggles and riding Batman’s wheels. I don’t think there is anything in that equation that I don’t like.

Needless to say this fanboy is rather happy with how both these movies are progressing.


Be seeing you!