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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

David Yates Can Sod Off!

The last two series have been my favourite series of Doctor Who since early Tom Baker. The Moffat era I feel has been wonderful, the show is going from strength to strength in my eyes, but even if I hadn't enjoyed it as much as I do I still wouldn't want this bastardisation of a movie version that's proposed by Harry Potter director David Yates and BBC Worldwide's Jane Tranter to go ahead.

David Yates wants to throw out almost fifty years of established continuity to 'start from scratch', so he can essentially make a non-canon version that will have nothing to do with legitimate Doctor Who.

Even the non-canon Big Finish audios and the novels have tried to follow the continuity of the TV show.

If the man who walks out of the Tardis in any proposed David Yates "Doctor Who" movie calls himself the Doctor but isn't the same character who has been through eleven incarnations from William Hartnell to Matt Smith, then he isn't the Doctor at all, but a cheap Hollywood knock off!

If Hollywood wants a time travel story with a phone box how about they contact Keanu and see if he wants to do another bill & Ted movie! 

I think I'll pass on David Yates' piss take.