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Friday, 2 September 2011

Star Wars Blu-Ray Changes

Now anyone who know me knows that I'm a life long Star Wars fan, and needless to say I will be buying the nine disc Blu-Ray box set when it's released on 16th September, so I just want to address one aspect of fandom that is really pissing me off......the fans.

Now I don't mean the everyday fans who genuinely love the movies, or the casual fans who enjoy the movies, I mean the ones who claim to be fans but piss and moan every time a new release comes out, or if George Lucas decides to alter anything, then claim that George has 'raped their childhood'.

Here is some news for you......NOBODY is forcing you to buy the damned Blu-Rays, NOBODY is forcing you to watch the accursed movies. George Lucas is the creator of Star Wars and he is perfectly entitled to make as many changes as he sees fit, and let's be honest most people who watch the discs won't notice the difference anyway. If you don't like it don't watch.

The Blu-Ray release will be the official canon versions of the saga, but if you prefer, you can still watch the original non-canon versions on DVD, so you really have no need to complain.

To quote a certain actor who played a certain captain in another sci-fi franchise......'get a life!'