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Monday, 12 September 2011

Barrowman Reiterates Return Wish

Barrowman Reiterates Return Wish:
Who would you like to see appear in Doctor Who’s fiftieth birthday bash in 2013?

Along the way, the Doctor has met some pretty interesting characters that could come back to either help or hinder him in his travels across the Universe.

One such character is Captain Jack Harkness, who is surely the twenty first century equivalent of the Brigadier, would be a welcome guest star to help out the Eleventh Doctor when the time comes.

Doctor Who fans last saw the good Captain in The End of Time, Part Two, when the Tenth Doctor set him up with Midshipman Frame as a goodbye present. Since then both the Doctor and the Captain have had more than enough fish to fry saving Earth and the Universe.

But as the time draws nearer and the Doctor is due to celebrate one of his biggest birthday’s ever, what can we expect? When the series was running during its 10th and 20th anniversaries we were treated to some very special stories. On its 30th and 40th we were not (oi, what about Scream of the Shalka?! – Ed)

But we’re going to have the show operating at maximum capacity during the big five-oh so it’s guaranteed that there will be something very special, something that actor John Barrowman wants to be a part of:

“It’s the 50th anniversary coming up of Doctor Who and Jack is an integral part to this story and, if I’m going to be a little self-absorbed, I would hope he would be involved, it would be a shame if he wasn’t.”

Our thoughts exactly!

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