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Saturday, 20 August 2011

12 teasers for Let's Kill Hitler

12 teasers for Let's Kill Hitler: Thanks to Cameron at Blogtor Who, we have 12 non-spoilery teasers for Let's Kill Hitler!

  • The Doctor crops up in the most oddest of places.
  • Looks like the TARDIS gets some mail.
  • A 1982 Prince song almost hits The Doctor.
  • River Song and The Doctor's relationship is tied up in a bow.
  • Someone does an impersonation of The Terminator.
  • Rory is not gay whilst Hitler is definitely in the closet.
  • Is that a banana in your pocket?
  • The Vampires of Venice is mentioned at a crucial moment by The Doctor.
  • Other people know about The Doctor's death~day.
  • Hitler isn't the only person someone wants to kill.
  • A film referenced in The Impossible Astronaut is referenced again. Twice.
  • The words "the Silence" are visibly apparent.